Start Before You’re Ready!

Oct 24, 2013 | Uncategorized

start before you are ready


You are never ever going to be ready.

You have to start anyway.

True story: when I started my Tumblr and doing interviews about feng shui, I got a call from a very influential person in the feng shui world who told me that I was just not ready to do what I was doing.  It was a very emphatic one-way conversation. I asked if I had given out incorrect information in interviews. I was told that I had not said anything incorrect, I just didn’t know enough to do what I was doing in the way that I was doing it.  The one-way conversation continued.

Apparently I didn’t know what ART was either, according to this person.  I was mislead in that regard as well, according to her.  I thank my lucky stars every day that she decided to trample on my knowledge of art in the same conversation, as it was then immediately obvious that she just wanted to hate on me, and that she would never be in my corner no matter what I created.  I may not know everything about feng shui, but I do have a very good concept about what art is on a fundamental level, and no one was going to take that away from me.

That was four years ago, and I am so very glad that, with due respect, I told her I was not going to stop doing what I was doing.  I credit her for all her ideas, and I do respect her very much for all she has created. But I don’t respect anyone intrinsically who says that someone is not ready to start building creative projects.

I would never have been ready.  Daily, I am not ready for the stuff that comes. I do it anyway, You probably do, too!

You will never be ready.

I know people with three and four prestigious degrees who are wholly not “ready” for their professional lives.  You just have to start anyway.

And ignore the voices that say you are not ready. Maybe they aren’t ready!  xoxo Dana


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