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Oct 25, 2013 | Uncategorized

get out of your own way

I know: you don’t have enough money, time, energy, health, patience, support, connections or a million other things, and this is why you just can’t have what you want and need.

I have said each one of those things so often that it took me a long time to un-learn them.

When all was said and done, I was the only thing in my way. I could improve anything else and keep moving forward. Instead I would hide behind one obstacle or another. It was all just me, wanting to stay in the comfortable land of stuck and somehow haunted by my own psychology and the story I wrote for my life.  Everything had to be an epic struggle that I would overcome and use as a badge of honor.

Not something I would recommend!

Are you in the same boat that I was?  Are you standing in between your life now and all that you hope to create?

You can decide to step aside and let your life flow at any time! xoxo Dana


  1. maggie

    I love this. The human brain can only accept so much positivity, which is why we are so prone/programmed to think negatively. We have to actively remind ourselves of what we have and to be positive.

  2. Jeanne

    You know what? A co-worker made me stare “the future me” in the face of “my present me” and basically said, why aren’t you being who you should be? Why arent’ you going for what you want? You can do it. Follow your dreams and go get it. And, she did it in the kindest, most encouraging way. And I said, you are right. If I get that opportunity, I am supposed to have it. What am I afraid of? The answer: stupid stuff. What a great post!!!!


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