How To Freshen Up A Piece Of Art In Ten Minutes!

Oct 27, 2013 | Life With Art

redone art

When a piece of art, an artifact, or a photo is framed in a way that you love, it is immediately elevated. My sister gave me this piece of art about 15 years ago- she made it for my birthday.  I have kept it in a frame but it really looked bad.  Until 10 dollars and 15 minutes later it looked as it does above, glowing!

diy art

Here’s where it started: sad, faux wood frame with no real matting.  I popped out the glass and artwork, along with the cardboard backing, so the faux wood frame could get “fixed.”

primer for spray paint

I collect some used newspaper, tissue paper and other paper in a closet for times like this!

Add primer: Spraying on a layer of primer before paint helps it to stick and helps the color to shine through!

gold spray paint

Add color: Once the primer is dry, layer on whatever color you like, spraying all this paint outside, of course!   Mine, gold. I let the thin layers dry for a few minutes in between spraying  some more… and once I’m done, it stays out overnight to dry. Note: I did have to peel off a bit of paper because I used some recycled tissue paper to spray this project. Newspaper is pretty resilient!

Make a mat: At a craft or art supply store you should be able to find some great colored, acid-free paper. Pick a color that adds a layer of dimension to both the frame and the artwork.  I cut some Blush Pink paper to match the size of the cardboard backing that sadly sat in the old frame.  I put the artwork on this new backing, layered it all together… slid it all back into the dried “golden” frame… and it’s all new!

There is so much you can do with a little spray paint and some crafty ingenuity!  Don’t let your art stay sad!  xoxo Dana


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