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Oct 27, 2013 | Uncategorized


Fall.  It’s been hiking in the mornings and cuddling up with the puppies late at night, and in between: art, writing, cooking lots of pumpkin and changing up the seasonal vibe to match the fabulous new season!  This week’s Instagram is a round-up of Fall’s starting food, vibe-switches and crearive fun, like the little paintings above that got sprayed over in gold paint and covered in magenta and metallics to add shining fire to my Fall home!

dog sitting up

Gordon learned to sit up like a person. Yep, he’s a person.  Both dogs are acting more people-like than ever this season!

pumpkin pie ice cream

Bowl one of three that I managed to eat!  It’s my fvorite- and growing infamous- pumpkin pie ice cream.  Coconut milk, pumpkin and lots of sweet spicy goodness. You can get the recipe HERE! 

chakra crystals

Thank you so much to Crystal Age for these gorgeous chakra crystals. I am lining them up on my bathroom widow ledge for a boost of rainbow every day!


My most recent homeopathic goodie: apparenty it helps with allergies. It is REALLY helping me!


And a little recently learned cold cure: boil an entire sliced up organic grapefruit in water until it turns to mush. Let it cool a bit, blend it up and add a little honey to make it drinkable (it is still unpleasant!) and it is fabled to help knock out colds fast!

I hope you are all loving the Fall!  You can hit me up on Instagram HERE for more pictures and ideas as they roll out this season.  xoxo Dana


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