Black Walls That Create Shine In Design

Oct 31, 2013 | Home Style

black wall


I used to have a very negative opinion of black walls in homes. It was a stereotype that needed to be shaken loose.  Black is traditionally thought of as a color that incites mystery in a bit of a morbid way, in a way that is doom-filled and a bit ominous.   Black helps you to be mysterious and separate from others within that mystery. That said, black is also super sexy, strong, focusing and somewhat of a neutral slate background upon which design can shine.  Used in small doses, black can be a catalyst for design magnificence! 

black walls


Against the black wall, white gleams, creating a pop of fabulous energy.

black walls


The black here makes the bookshelf wall almost disappear and creates a phantom feeling as the art hovers beautifully upon the shelves.

black walls


Black might be the best color for a very busy gallery wall in a home- all the images pop so crisply from the painted surface.

black walls


Neutral colors and lots of wood soften and warm up black walls, and the effect is surprising.

black room(via) 

And in a room with lots of windows, art and doorways, black can be striking and space-opening.  Can you see how this otherwise neutral room comes to life against the depth of black? With neutral walls, this would not be possible!

Would you dare have a black wall in your home? I may be giving this a roll in my new office, and I will definitely document it if I do!  xoxo Dana


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