Totally Luscious Fall DIY Projects That You Can Do!

Nov 1, 2013 | Creativity



Fall is a major season for the creative. Well, for me, that’s every season…!  But in Fall, we have a deeper sense of gathering, of celebration and nesting a bit more.  So, why not try a little DIY? The leaves above are totally gorgeous, and they only require a white paint pen and your doodling brain. Are you ready for a few luscious, sensory rich fall projects that will be worth your while?!

fall sugar cubes


Sugar scrubs are a year-round favorite of mine, and sugar cube body scrubs are a more compact version of a scrub with less mess and more charm. Henry Happened created gorgeous Fall scrub recipes that are enchanting. 

flowers in pumpkins(via)

This carved pumpkin painted white and filled with flowers from Because I’m Addicted is the best fall flair I have seen in a while. (Thank you to my friend Julie for sending it over to me!)

artichoke tea lights


How architectural and special are these artichoke candle holders?! I mean, really, really, really amazing!!!



Sweater candles! Plaster gourds! Yes!   THESE are really chic, extremely fun and… you can manage to use them year-round, too!

At the very least, grab yourself an extra few candles for the dining room table to be a bit more celebratory this season! Enjoy! xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    DEFINITELY trying out that sugar scrub recipe!


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