Plant Some Herbs In 5 Minutes!

Nov 2, 2013 | Prosperity

organic herbs

With 15 minutes to shop, 5 minutes to pot and seasons long to enjoy, planting herbs can be an anytime event!

Some feng shui’s reasons to grow some herbs:  Well, herbs are good for both cooking and holistic medicinal purposes. Gardening brings you closer to the earth.  Growing food in your home is an ultra prosperous activity, speaking in feng shui energy lingo.  And herbs are sensory gorgeousness, too! 

Shopping for some herb planting is easy.  Star with what you have.  I already had a few empty pots in my cabinets.

If you don’t have pots, you can use…

  • mason jars
  • old mugs
  • non-bepa lined tin cans/ coffee cans
  • & whatever else you have that can hold a plant!

I pick herbs in this way:

1. I select the ones that seem right.

2. Then I ask the garden expert at whatever nursery if my “right” plants can live in my home environment.  What grows well for me may not for you. I got some sweet basil and peppermint for indoor tea gardening!

And in this very non-scientific process, I grabbed some well-draining soil, organic fertalizer (I love Dr. Earth) and headed home.

Everything gets set up on newspaper or old tissue paper if I’m indoors and doing planting:

indoor garden

A spoon, the pots, the dirt, the fertilizer and, not shown, a little cup of water.  Here, I am relocating this overgrown money tree into a big bamboo planter while I do my herb planting.

Tips: I like to talk to the plants while I move them into new pots.  They are alive and it can shock them to move to a new home.  If you talk to them I promise it will make sense! (OK, I don’t promise, but it makes sense to me and always works well!)  When you remove the plants from their containers, do it gently, squeezing the base and flipping them over to slide them out gingerly.  If you yank them out, they are more apt to go into shock and not fare so well in your indoor garden.

I just spoon some soil into each planter pot, drop in the herbs, then gently spoon soil around the plant until it is secure but not “packed” with soil.  I sprinkle some fertilizer on top once I’ve got all the soil in, then water very very slightly (overwatering kills houseplants just as  underwatering does!).

diy herb garden

5 minutes. Done.

Follow the instructions for each plant and keep watching them grow.  I don’t move my planyts once they find the spot they like to grow.  It becomes their home!   Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Jeanne

    Now I have an awesome project for my day off!!!! Been searching for a great centerpiece for my dining room (other than the fruit I have been displaying!!! LOL) Thank you. So gorgeous and tasty. YUM!


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