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Nov 6, 2013 | Uncategorized


Reacting in anger. That’s the go-to place for many many people (like me, it’s a part of where I’m from!) when met with circumstances that they didn’t want.  Reacting as a victim is another popular reaction. You know: “How is this happening to me? Why always me? “

The only things I regret have to do with reacting in either way- angry or victimized- and it has never led to anything productive.  As my friend says, “Revenge never looks like it does in movies. Usually when you flip out you just look crazy.”

True story.

What would happen if you reacted differently?

Instead of a rapid-fire reaction… Waiting a few minutes or a few hours before reacting can help give you the space to see things from a more neutral, less heated position. I sometimes need to talk a walk or write in a journal or talk something through with a friend before reacting to certain situations.

I love the idea of creating a new future based on new reactions.  It’s a beautiful way to pioneer a fresh way to live!

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  1. maggie

    LOVE this! I used to be a react-without-thinking sort of person – I have definitely reevaluated my process and it is for the better.


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