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Nov 7, 2013 | Sensory Goodness


It is really amazing to realize that we all have a different perception of reality.

We see what we see- some view opportunity as a glass half full, some half empty, some no glass of opportunity at all- and it is very personal.

In working with people to make changes in their homes and shifts in their lives the one thing constant: everyone is different.  There is no one way, no one rule or strategy that will always “work” to bring about a result.

So, how do you expand your vision of life and create “glass-fulls” of opportunity?  While the answer to this question for you will be a personal one, there is a guiding idea that seems to prevail.  We see what we want to see both consciously and unconsciously.  And when we consciously decide more of what we see (*here’s the feng shui part), there is more of that great opportunity for greater vision! snowflakes

(we are all as unique as snowflakes, and we all react to our environment)

Our experience of life is based on what we see…as filtered through our subconscious mind.  That’s write, it’s not just your eyes that see: your mind dictates what is actually perceived.  In the article Your Hidden Censor: What Your Mind Will Not Let You See in Scientific American, Keith Payne writes:

“The simple fact of selectivity has big consequences: at any moment we are aware of just a tiny fragment of all that is around us. Consider your visual experience right now. There is usually no experience of a line in your periphery where your vision stops; there’s just a fading out of what you notice. You can move your eyes around to find the edges, of course, but you normally don’t notice the absence. If you look down, even your nose seems to get out of your way: a half-transparent thing that you almost never see without a mirror despite that it is in plain sight from your eye sockets.

Some psychologists and philosophers think that the rich and detailed conscious experience of the world around us is a grand illusion. The refrigerator light always appears to be on because when it is dark we aren’t looking. Just so, our conscious experience seems to be a rich and detailed picture of the world because where it’s not, we aren’t paying attention.

The idea of selective selectivity means that the unconscious mind may be shaping our experience even more dynamically than previously thought, screening what we see based on goals and emotions. Scientists are only starting to understand how selective selectivity works. Consider what happens when each of your eyes sees something different. That doesn’t happen in daily life, but in the laboratory scientists use a special kind of goggles that project images to each eye independently. One eye sees a face, say, and the other sees an elephant. Do you experience two pictures simultaneously, or a mixed up face with an elephant trunk? Neither: conscious experience toggles back and forth between a face one moment and an elephant the next. The unconscious screener is fickle, but decisive.”  (the entire and fascinating article is HERE)

If we can choose what we see based on “goals and emotions” then we can absolute change our perception of reality!

So, in a feng shui sense, how can you start to see more of what you want to see in your life?

1. Clear space.  Clearing the old stuff that reminds you of the past in a bad way “weeds” the garden of your life free of environmental stimulus to react to in a bad way.   After a bad break-up, when people give away some of the negative reminders of their partner, it can be freeing.  Holding on to things that remind you of the past in a bad way can free up space for the future.

2. Add intentional reminders to your home- and all of the environments you live in- of who you are and what your purpose is in life.  Adding some personality to your home- be it displaying your favorite collection or putting up a pin board of images you love that make you feel fabulous- is a fabulous way to feng shui!  Add a little art that emanates the emotions you want to feel more of— prominently where you can see it in your home. I have been in homes filled with haunting art that is powerful- but terrifying.  Best saved for a museum space.

3. Rest more and rejuvenate as much as possible.  The more you are well rested and well cared for physically, the less noise and distraction will pervade your life because you will be more present.

4. Balance your personal yin & yang.  We can’t all fly around on an energetic Level 10 all day and night.  We need rest.  If you operate on a Level 10 for part of the day you also need a time to dial down to a 5. Or a 2!  Think of ways to add more activity to your life if you are relatively sedentary, and ways to add more rest to your life if you are always in motion.  You will find that when you are living with a bit more clarity and intention, it is generally not necessary to operate on a Level 10 any more, anyway!

In a sense, the more you create the life you want, the less you see things by “default” through the lenses of the past and your unconscious conclusions for the future.

When perception changes, reality changes.

It’s a big idea, and I don’t mean to simplify it too much… but when you take steps toward expanding your personal vision and becoming more mindful, you build momentum and widen the scope of what is possible!

xoxo Dana

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