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Nov 8, 2013 | Life With Art

david koma

This week’s Instagram stretches to hilltops, and out to parties and galleries where, on a great week, I can’t tell the difference between my social life and earth-shattering art.   This week in Los Angeles, British fashion is rolling out in showrooms, and  dresses I dream of like this sculptural David Koma  have been mixed in with the art at ACE Gallery in Beverly Hills.  This night, and many other days like this one for the week, and I am fully excited for the season ahead!


(Flores, Gil & Mann) 

I haven’t seen Kristy Mann in years since we would play in her Hollywood yard and studio taking experimental and exciting photographs, but I was beyond-belief excited to see her last night as the surfaces of Bruce Lurie Gallery in Culver City were buzzing with the Flores, Gil & Mann collaboration of  mainly masked nudes that practically leap off the walls into your lap.   I snapped a few close-ups that basely do justice to what was the absolute best photography I have seen in almost a decade.

flores gil mann

(Flores, Gil & Mann) 

As my friend Alice said, ” I could never get tired of seeing this image.”  I second that!

leslie durso

My dear friend Leslie Durso has returned to Wholefoods in West Hollywood to teach another free vegan cooking class and it was a smashing success.  If you haven’t been to a cooking class in Wholefoods and you live near one, inquire at your local store.  They are unbelievable- a new LA treasure of creativity and nutritional education!

oscar trophy

I managed to get a closer look at an Oscar than I ever have before at a client’s office and I will say this- they look like aliens, don’t they?!


And in the spirit of merging with nature more I committed to at least one hike a week immersed in greenery and sky.  While Runyon Canyon is not that exotic, it does the trick and re-sets my week!

What do you do to bring more art into life? Are you exploring your interests? It’s the best feeling when life and art merge into one.  Embrace it… allow it… revel in it!  You can find me HERE on Instagram. I’ll be there more this season, exploring imagery! xoxo Dana


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