We Are Powerful Beyond Measure, So We Should Live That Way!

Nov 12, 2013 | Uncategorized

marianne williamson

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I had a wildly eye-opening experience yesterday that I am compelled to share, even though I don’t talk about politics on this blog ever, ever, ever.  

I was very fortunate to be invited by friends to a reception being hosted for Marianne Williamson to discuss her run for U.S. House of Representatives in California.

First thing you should know: I have never read one of her books, though I know she is a respected Best-Selling author. Also, I have never heard her speak live.   (*now I will likely do both) I know a bit of the Course in Miracles work that she has referenced and my ears usually perk up when I hear one of her quotes as they are generally very resonant. But, I say all this to say that I was not a biased audience sitting cross-legged in the afternoon listening.  I was generally very excited to hear what could be a very new way to look at politics, if such a thing existed, but I had no pre-conceived notions.

“I’m running because I feel America needs an entirely new conversation,” she said. I agreed. I listened.  I heard an enormously well-informed, grounded and not at all “mystical” perspective on bringing us all back to participation in the government “of the people, for the people.”   She has real-life tactical ideas of how to engage people locally, she has a very clear perspective on the issues and she is running as an Independent.

That was all very well-presented, heartfelt,and very informative.  What I didn’t know was that Marianne founded Project Angel Food in Los Angeles and that she has been an advocate for legislation in the past to promote a more peaceful world. It dawned on me that Marianne Williamson is not afraid to be confronted with harsh reality and take effective action in a real way. That’s what makes her so different. It’s not “mystical” dialogue. (Wait: Was I biased to begin? Did I expect a little miracle talk? I was wrong if I did!)  She explained that life was inherently spiritual, and that included confronting the things that were very difficult.  I asked her about Project Angel Food.  She said “she had to do it, people were dying.”   Very simple.

While I am maintaining my non-political stance (!), I do believe in engaging broader conversations to heal broken systems and major problems.  You can check out Marianne For Congress to learn more of what her campaign is all about.

  “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” And as I’ve said before, even from the perspective of science, fear of success is a real, physical body reaction. It is a fear that keeps us small.  And there are many ways beyond it but it all starts with waking up and recognizing how we are creating our lives. If we want to create a new form of community we need to know that we are all a part of that creative process.  “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” and we can totally get past that both for ourselves and for humanity at large. Something to move toward… every day.   xoxo Dana

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  1. mary

    This is Great News!!!!
    Super excited. Thanks for the heads up Dana.
    I don’t live in CA but all signed up (thanks to you) to do what I can to make this happen.
    sincerely, mary


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