Small Steps Create Big Things!

Nov 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

a little becomes a lot


Small steps. Walking for ten minutes, then 15, can lead to walking a marathon.  Writing a page, then another, and soon there is a forst draft.  I know people say this all the time… but in actuality I do understand why many people don’t “do” the small steps to tackle big projects.  There is no instant gratification-rush! There is not a big “wow, check out what I did!” accomplishment.  There is no honor you can see on the horizon for taking a small step in the right direction.  But, if you are able to truly reward yourself- a nice gift, a self-bribe, a new pair of sneakers-  for being consistent if you must and stay the course, you will not feel the rush and then the dip in your energy  when you try to tackle a giant project all at once.  instead… you will see solid, stable change.  Small steps can make you super strong. xoxo Dana


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