How To Take A Retreat At Home Any Time You Want!

Nov 18, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

tree in lake


Retreat.  There is a luxury implied in having a place to get away from every bit of “modern world stuff”. Getting away is a chance to unplug all technology while you plug into something much greater than your cell phone or the Internet. Of course, that greater power is that of nature and your own true nature! 

Retreat does not need to involve a huge trip, a special resort or an agenda of activities prescribed for your body, mind and soul.  Retreat can be as simple as turning things off for a day and being simple.

rose petal bath

(my favorite is an organic rose petals from the flower mart, not an everyday thing, but a special occasion!) 

Generally, I will “retreat” when I have a cold (my body’s way of saying “slow down”), but I have started doing this when I simply feel unclear about things or unexcited when I should be excited.  A step away from the eye of the storm helps to get the type of perspective that can be game-changing.  It may feel counter-intuitive to take a break when you need to make loads of decisions and produce a lot of stuff, but that’s the beauty of a retreat… it restores your intuition and greater clarity….so you might want to give it a go.

Intention can create a special environment with purpose. While I usually know why I need to take a break day, you may want to set an intention for your retreat.  Its not like you can’t think or explore ideas in retreat, you just don’t have pressure, distraction and interference.

colored candles

(beeswax “rose” candles from Etsy) 

Dim the light. Light a candle and watch it burn.  I particularly love watching beautiful candles burn and morph into other shapes.

fringe knit blanket

(love this from Etsy!)

Add texture. Wrap yourself in a great blanket.  Plushness, fringe… all excellent for the senses!


(grab it on Etsy)

Burn a meaningful air purifier. Natural incense fills the air with a ritualistic smoke of goodness. This one, Palo Santo, is delightful. Sage wands are always good.

herbal tea(fresh teas from Etsy)

Sip.  Herbal tea in a beautiful pot always makes me feel much better!

raw banana


Eat fresh, eat raw.  Small amounts of raw food, like bananas sprinkled in coconut flakes, spread throughout the day, make for a day-long break for your digestive system.



& Do not turn on the lights when it starts getting dark. Go to sleep with the sun if you can, and sleep with blinds open so you wake up with the sun the next day.

Of course, these are just ideas.  Key is no TV, no technology, no long conversations, no nonsense… simple and quiet and great-feeling self-rejuvenation. Have fun reveling in your own retreat days, even if they are simple stay-cations!  

xoxo Dana

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  1. Theodora

    Hi Dana, this was a beautiful post and I always love your writing! I have a question that’s been on my head for the past 5 years and I’d appreciate it greatly if you could give me your opinion: I have a huge wallpaper on a wall in my living room since 2009 that is exactly like the last picture on this post! (a bright orange palm tree sunset, albeit with a calmer sea than the one on this pic). In times of great stress and distress I have blamed it momentarily, cause it’s something that dominates the living room and I see it every minute of every day. Anyone who visits my house loves it, and the apartment looked empty without it, I love it too, but I’m still not sure I made the right decision and it’s not very easy to take it down. I’ve read there shouldn’t be any orange on a wall that’s already on the west, and this wall is across from a southeast window, on a wall where the sun sets behind it (although there’s another room behind it) Any feedback you might have I will greatly appreciate it, thank you!

    • danaclaudat

      “I’ve read there shouldn’t be any orange on a wall that’s already on the west, and this wall is across from a southeast window, on a wall where the sun sets behind it (although there’s another room behind it)”
      That’s the kind of feng shui crap I so look forward to wiping off the internet. There are lots of voodo-like suggestions propagated by feng shui schools that deal in something very much akin to black magic. I am sorry you came across a bunch of antiquated and not true stuff. Forget what you read. It is not true.
      It sounds DIVINE and I would keep enough wood and earth element stuff in the room to help you feel grounded and calm. xoxoxoxo

      • Theodora

        Thank you for the response! It does feel like reading black magic when I come across suggestions like these, i.e. it doesn’t feel good–whereas reading your blog and following your suggestions makes me feel better, and also makes my apartment look magnificent! You got a fan here, thanks! xoxo



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