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Nov 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

five story pagoda


This week’s Instagram is the wonderous Japanese utopian space of Taisekiji at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan.  While I have so incredibly much to share with you about this trip- and I will- I wanted to post some pictures to keep the magic flowing now that I am back in Los Angeles!


mt fuji


Waking up to this majestic mountain in the clean nearly winter air was unbeliabable.  It immediately wakes you out of any persistent throughts in your head to a surreal space of awesome.

fuji water


Make no mistake: this is real Fuji water!

dana claudat


Everything looked like this. Perfect. Sculptural. Rustic. Sacred. Mesmirizing. Here I am walking out of the Ever Chanting Temple where two new friends from Singapore took pictures while the sun set before dinner.



This building, the Miedo, on the grounds of Taisekiji, is a cultural landmatk just renovated piece by piece to absolute perfection, and in perfect form.  Literally, every bit was taking apart, repainted and restored using ancient techniques, then pieced back together into a jewel.

Dana Claudat


To process the immense experience, and to keep up the flow with my Artist’s Way gang online, I did my writing facing out to the mountain every night, catching thoughts I’d never want to forget… and now will not!

Utopia doesn’t just happen. It is created with care and discipline, love and determination…and a depth of devotion to humanity that is unfathomable.  I am so excited to share so much more of this experience with you!  Hit me up  HERE on Instagram...and the images will flow.  xoxo Dana


  1. Ken

    Hit me up with your high vibrations stuff and experians of Japan. I’m glad everything is fine wih you. And you’ve a such a nice spiritual and exiting time in Japan. Be the
    best possible version of yourself, and don’t settle.
    ” Know thyself”
    Love and light!
    Keep it up Dana!

  2. Jeanne

    It seems you had an amazing trip! You deserve it!!!


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