6 Artists Thrilling Me With The Abstractly Organic!

Dec 2, 2013 | Life With Art

ben & sherman

(Ben & Sherman)

Organic art need not be images of grass or vast oceans.  It doesn’t have to be green and brown, nor does it have to be pictures of leaves and flowers. When art flows in a way that mimics the nature you respond to intuitively, it is evocative of the organic. And today’s 6 artists/collaborators have a way of making me feel nature, even in shades of pastel, fluorescence and metal.

marianna uutinen(Marianna Uutinen)

These are the weeds I wish to be entangled in!

justin hegreber

(Justin Hegreberg)

Don’t ask me why, but this makes me feel like I’m on the beach and my mind is elongating with the waves.

philip k smith iii(Philip K. Smith III) 

The house that literally consumes the sunset. I have never been more wildly thrilled by a piece of architecture.

Hampus Olsson

(Hampus Olsson)

Ribbons like fire and water, woven like cloth, edges seeping just enough to make you remember it is painted.

nathan hylden

(Nathan Hylden)

Like another slice of sky.

Not typical, hardly obvious yet so close to the Earth in my mind, all of this art bespeaks nature. For you, something else may visually stir you more alive in this visceral, organic way.  Explore the nature around you.  Feel for what makes you one with the bigger picture.  Bring that image into your world.  xoxo Dana


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