Gleaming White Holiday Goodies!

Dec 2, 2013 | Home Style

white ornaments


White is the color I love most during the holiday season. It is the color- if you so choose to call it a color- of ephemeral snowflakes, clear-minded meditation and purity.  Sprinkled with metallic goodies and light, white holidays are enchanted. Here’s a bit of white holiday loveliness- like these ornaments strung on silken ribbon and embellished with hand crochet- to add gleaming beauty to the season!

white wreath

(via west elm)

My favorite feather wreath from West Elm has infinite style possibilities! I personally endorse it as a year-round symbol of unity and way to create focus in your home, but for the holiday season, I am tempted to break out the gold paint and touch the feather tips with some liquid gold!

angel wings chairs


My dining room chairs look almost exactly like this, but in gold with Ikat upholstery… and so I am thinking that wings could be the special festive and elevated touch this year!

mirrored garland

(via Apartment Therapy)

Wow Factor: twinkle lights illuminate a garland of tiny mirrors.  Again, something I embrace as a year round high-style bit of dazzle.  You can learn this how-to over at Apartment Therapy!

rock candy christmas tree

(via Martha Stewart)

Growing rock candy is a delight in itself, but when it becomes something sculptural it hits the next level! Martha Stewart knocks my socks off with this DIY of a rock candy tree encrusted with shimmering bits of jewel.

While I’m not counting on a white holiday of snow in Hollywood, embracing the snowy white in divine ways caps off the year brilliantly.  Incidentally, my favorite tradition of New Year’s Day is to wear all white.  I think someone told me it was the right thing to do when I was a kid and I believed them, but personally it makes a ton of sense to me now!


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  1. maggie

    That mirror garland is AMAZING.


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