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Dec 3, 2013 | Home Style

eclectic living room

(Elle Decor España)

Travel is forever prized in my life as a cornerstone of life transformation.  If you can’t travel at the moment, reaching in the world to explore the homes, the art and the culture of other countries is a way of broadening that cultural well while staying stationary.  One of my favorite foreign publications is Elle Decor España, and for obvious reasons: sumptuous architecture, gorgeous spaces and super rich color. Ready to get a decor tour of more of the world?  So many great ideas to fold into your own spaces spring from these images!

outdoor lounge

(Elle Decor España)

Bring the leather poufs outside!  Use firewood to bolster the backs of cushions on a bench!  How inviting is this space?!

blue ceiling elle decor

(Elle Decor España)

Upholster in old fashioned velvet and other vintage fabrics come to life in punchy colors that are hyper-modern. Of course, nothing quite tops a blue ceiling in this room, does it?

elle decor spain

(Elle Decor España)

One hyper-long sofa creates a unique space.  Buttery yellow is a fantastic neutral wash that is warm and sunny on walls. I’m a bit in love with small touches of primary colors and fluorescent to move your eye through the relaxing yet energized space.

elle decor spain

(Elle Decor España)

Just so playful, artistic, fantastic.  While I don’t love headless mannequins, here in a public space it is costume art as a sculpture.  Guitars are gorgeous. Small touches bring life to the space.

modern living room

(Elle Decor España)

Is that a feng shui bagua sculpture I see in the corner?  While I could take it or leave it, I find this immense pendulum lamp impossible to ignore like glass flowers hanging from a bouquet!  The bulls-eye rug finishing the task of creating absolute focus here, so the rest of the room can be eclectic and ethereal and it all still works beautifully.

Elle Decor España, I love you! xoxo Dana


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    • danaclaudat

      Super interesting that you bright it up. I don;t see these beams as severe… and the wash of color making the ceiling monochromatic reduces the feeling even more for me. So… that’s why I like the room so much 🙂 AWESOME QUESTION!!!!! Happy Holidays! xoxo Dana



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