Speak In The Language Of Flowers!

Dec 5, 2013 | Sensory Goodness


(Lolalina created this fantastic chart that you can download HERE!)

Culturally it seems that we are very far from the roots of traditions. I often ask people if they know why the put up a Christmas Tree, carve a Thanksgiving Turkey or paint eggs at Easter, and the answer is generally “because it’s what we do.”  Gifts and traditions actually developed out of quite profound history… and capturing that history can bring us closer to our emotional and historic lineage.  Plus:  gifts laden with emotion are so hard to forget!

Flower-giving was once a deeply symbolic gesture.  While it is still appreciated, the hidden meanings of certain flowers have all but evaporated from our consciousness.  When I came upon this divine chart of floral language from Lolalina, it seemed the ideal flower-gift-giving template rich with unspoken words and layers of sentiment!

lavender roses

Needless to say, it would be lovely for the right person to give me lavender roses on New Year’s!

Symbolic gifts are far more memorable, and deeply entrenched in the spirit of every season and a form of artistry in their own right.  Which flowers would you like this season?! xoxo Dana


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