Easy & Awesome DIY Holiday Presents!

Dec 6, 2013 | Creativity

diy gift wrap

(wow-factor upcycled gift wrapping ideas from justina blakeney)

Make a few gifts for your loved ones and those gifts are not likely to be forgotten.  I still cherish the blankets my godmother crocheted me over 20 years ago, and can’t imagine my life without them in the house I grew up in.  DIY gifts can be simple (hot cocoa mix, a candle) or as intricate as an afghan, but what they bring to the lives of those they touch is priceless! 

diy vases


While they are just bottled covered in twine, THESE bottles are transformed by that twine! Now, your friends can display more fresh flowers and small plants!

diy peppermint soap

(happiness is homemade)

You may need to order a few supplies, but if it means everyone can get homemade soap, the more the merrier!  This Peppermint Soap tutorial could not be more effortless, and the results so artful.  Handcrafted soaps are a creative stimulus, and the peppermint oil wakes you up mentally and physically.

diy hot chocolate

(bridal guide)

An office full of friends to gift? A whole space full of people to treat? Mason jar gifts are excellent in this regard. Whether you whip up a soup mix, a granola, or a hot chocolate like THIS one, you’ll be able to gift tons of people with these goodies! Warmth and childhood flavors connect us to our roots and strengthen a feeling of “home.”

diy art

(DIY art via cup half full)

YES. DIY ART. Amazing. Stunning. Home-changing.  Mood-shifting. This project from Cup Half Full is so simple. 

And, you can knit groovy circle scarves… step-by-step.  Scarves are on top of my list of all-time favorite gifts to get and to give! This tutorial makes it a breeze!  You will help someone stay warm all winter long!

So… take some time this weekend and give a little of your own spirit in custom gifting.  These may be some of my favorites of the season, but there are thousands upon thousands of gifts you can make and baskets you can assemble as gifts all over the Internet!  Dive in and personalize your giving this year!  xoxo Dana


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