6 Artists I Just Discovered Who Create Freshness!

Dec 11, 2013 | Life With Art

carly waito

(Carly Waito) 

This “Mountain Of Amethyst” is not a photograph: it is a mind-bendingly thrilling oil painting by Carly Waito! This week I have been hunting for that which makes me feel freshness, and I have found it in Carly and a handful of artists that have a surge of peace, light, ephemeral nature or redemption glowing through their work. 

Lewk Wilhurst

(Lewk Wilmhurst) 

When a mango gets balanced on earth and neon, you have the amplification of everything great about how color makes me feel.

Mary-Louise Brown

(Mary-Louise Brown)

These words in light evoke the melody…

simon beck

(Simon Beck) 

Art… in snow. I’m breathless.

Jackie Saccoccio

(Jackie Saccoccio)

When light seeps through and glows in yellow, blue & pink, I can not look away!

amy brener

(Amy Brener)

Soaring, shimmering wands of crystal-like color balance almost impossibly in opalescent ways.

And with all this newness shining, I can’t help but encourage you to experience more art in purity, gravitating toward all that amplifies your personal greatness and helps to cast more light on your life!  xoxo Dana


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