What Do You Do When Life Has Come To A Standstill?

Dec 11, 2013 | Prosperity

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(Jonas Gerard)


That’s the word I hear when people describe dry spells.

Whether the realm-  love, creativity, money, health, happiness- if you have effectively come to a standstill, what do you do?

I have one idea that has helped many people tremendously… and it is easy to try.

jonas gerard

Send out some really well-intentioned energy in the direction you need to move.

When you start putting out energy in one direction, you will build momentum.  And it seems that the amount of energy you expend does come back…even if not overnight, it does.

But: make sure the energy you are sending out is sincere.

Sending out 40 sloppy resumes carelessly to random jobs is not what I am talking about.  But… Putting time into presenting yourself in a certain way and sending out 5 killer job applications starts the flow.

Randomly clicking pictures on that somewhat horrifying Tinder app probably isn’t going to help you connect to Mr. or Mrs. Right (hey, it could, I suppose! ) but getting dressed up and hanging out doing things you enjoy and actually meeting people is putting real energy out in the direction of adventure and romance.

If you are feeling unlucky, flow some energy toward some hands-on charity work.  You will quickly realize how important it is to help others and appreciate all that you have.

You get what I am saying. Move. Give. Do.

I’ve seen bad results when people sit still when they come to a standstill, expecting it to blow over.

Sit still too long and you lose your stride.

Instead… start moving.  Let the energy flow out.  Give even more than you think you can.

In your home, do the same.  Let the energy that is stagnant flow out.

Open the windows, even if it is really cold or very hot outside.

Dump some trash. 

Move an awkward piece of art or furniture.

Get fresh perspective.

And keep the energy flowing out.

Trust that with your clear intention, sincerity and commitment to stay in motion that everything will fall into place… as long as you keep connecting, giving and sending good things into your universe!  xoxo Dana


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  1. LD

    This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!


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