There Is Your Plan… Then There Is Life!

Dec 12, 2013 | Uncategorized

planning your life

I have friends who plan intensely. Or suffer for lack of a plan. I think we can all agree that plans are good.  Knowing where you are going in a sense is a very good thing, lest you should shoot your energy off in lots of random directions. But you can never really know what will happen next, so don’t sweat too much over your plan.

A brilliant double PhD from Yale, a Cultural Anthropologist and very groovy guy, taught me an amazing fact: there is no way to predict the future or even execute a plan as it is written because every moment creates so many “emergent phenomena” that the game has changed with every new step you take.  Scientifically, statistically impossible, just to throw some science into the mix.

So, don’t sweat your plan too too much!  xoxo Dana


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