You Have To Love Yourself!

Dec 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

love yourself

My friends use this metaphor and it is very personal to me when talking about self-love.  I always go back to the image on the airplane video before each flight, the video I never understood when flying as a small child. “In the case of an emergency, please adjust your own oxygen mask before helping others.”

As a kid, all I could think of is how my mom would 1. never follow that rule because she can’t put herself first and 2. if she did, I might not make it!  I knew even then that loving herself was not a big priority for my saint of a mother, and she might be stumped as to how to actually take care of herself first if forced to do it!

Saintliness is highly over-rated.  Or misinterpreted. It is not noble to give away energy that you need to survive.

It is noble to build up your energy so you can love freely and help vastly.

“Love Yourself” is a broad and general term. I see it often much more in action than just in emotion.

Breaking the bad habit of self-neglect is an act of self-love.   Putting aside time for yourself.  Investing in your well-being.  Educating yourself. Cultivating your genius.   Feeding your greatness.

And soon, loving yourself becomes less abstract and more a way of life.  And that’s when everything flows…!  xoxo Dana



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