6 Artists That Explore Purity In Beautiful Ways

Dec 17, 2013 | Life With Art

Sarwar Aziz

(Sarwar Aziz)

When I think of a fresh start, a cleanse, a detox, a mind that can focus… when I feel love, compassion, breathtaking simplicity in gratitude… it is all the essence of purity. This week’s six artists all display purity in different ways- some literal, some conceptual- that are incredibly beautiful. 

Tran Tuan

(Tran Tuan)

When light shines through what appear to be layers of paint in a supernaturally bright fashion, the space on that canvas becomes enormous.

Cecilia Ghiraldo

( Cecilia Ghiraldo)

I see a magic garden, a wild organism fashioned from pinks and yellows and there are roots and there are limbs and things are taking shape as they should.

Colin Lizius

(Colin Lizius)

Slice through crystal and you see the pure heart of a stone, like the core of the planet itself.

Lori Dell

(Lori Dell)

Amid broiling passion there in a snowy perfection that captures the eye… and the imagination.

Paulina Rypakova

(Paulina Rypakova)

When neatly-clipped, dreamy layers of colored geometry pile atop each other to “feel just right”, form emerges from clarity, and purity prevails.

I feel the value of the pure so intensely, as things have gotten so complicated and so far from their essence. When you find yourself thinking all too much to no avail, that’s when you need to stop and create space to experience more purity for yourself in art and in life!  xoxo Dana


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