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Dec 17, 2013 | Creativity

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Your life should not be a massive struggle.  It should look and feel like “you” at your best!

You may have obstacles and challenges that are vital to move you forward.  But none of us can afford soul-crushing, hopeless life as a norm.

Sometimes, we WORK so hard that we stop really being effective.  “Work” defined by physics is just the moving of something from place to place.  There is nothing about “work” that implies “making things better.”

What if you could work less and make life more beautiful, overall, more open to the greatness around you?! 

I understand it well: in the past I was all about “pushing” to “achieve” and the result was a great big zero. I’m glad I learned another way.  Given such a windfall of wonderful in my own life this whole year (which is not without major challenges),  I realized I should share with you a bit more about yin and yang.  This is what I’ve found to be key to moving forward in every way.  It’s even a huge part of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It’s a basic theory, but a huge one.

Here’s how it goes:

Both yin and yang comprise all of life in Traditional Chinese Medicine, even out bodies and each of our organs.  While the theory is expansive, there is yin in yang and there is yang in yin.  In other words: contradictory energies live within each other because they are each necessary for existence. We don’t sleep because we are active not are we active because we sleep, but both are inherent in each other.  Its a little mind-bending, but it’s pretty awesome.

Yin is the energy in life that is quiet, cool, solid, introspective and still.  Yin is feeling. Yang is the energy that is loud, extroverted, charismatic and achievement oriented.  Yang is thought.

Yin happens to be solid and stable.  Yang is directed outward and the energy disperses into bits in the air.

All of us who work tirelessly to “do everything” to get our goals may find ourselves with nothing because all that yang energy of constant striving to the breaking point does not allow actual bounty into our lives.  The energy flies out and disperses all over the place.  Yin is the receptive energy.  Yin receives the gifts.  Yin feels fulfillment.

Both women and men alike are stuck in a high-pressure yang affliction and running on empty.  We believe that we have to work hard (and that is somewhat true!)  but the idea of taking breaks, taking long weekends, sitting on the beach taking in a little sun, walking through the hills just for the sake of doing it… meditating… taking long baths… Why don’t we value that yin energy as much as the yang?

If we all did value yin energy a bit more, we would be receptive to new ideas, to new people, to the actual attainment of prosperity and the experience of love. Being receptive doesn’t mean you get happiness at the expense of your achievement; being receptive and more yin means you get actual gratification and can receive the bounties of your efforts.

So, before you spin yourself in more circles looking for ways to work even more (!) to get what you need and want this week, ask yourself if you really feel the balance of  big action that is purposeful and the quiet, calm   energies in your life.

If the answer is no… take some time to cultivate yin! Be simple. Sit under a tree and stare into space if that’s all you are able to do!   And enjoy it!!!  xoxo Dana

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