Creative Riffs On A Dreamy Canopy Bed!

Dec 18, 2013 | Home Style


Every once in a while I return to my childhood dream of having a canopy bed to fulfill my ultimate wish to have a place that seemed totally separate and elevated from daily life where I could sleep & dream in another world.   It’s been coming up lately for me, the canopy daydream.  Then, I received a few questions from readers asking about how they could create a canopy for their own beds. I realized this means it is time for a creative canopy bed round-up!

sheer canopy

Here, sheer fabric makes for a layer of softness and gossamer dream-catching all around you.

bedroom canopy

In darker colors, sheer voile turns into a soft, hanging sculpture.  While black adds mystery, I would probably use another color here as I’m not as huge of a fan of black overhead in any circumstance.

canopy bed

(Architectural Digest)

A lovely way to create greater warmth in a stark and geometric bedroom.


Its a great trick to use this lush canopy idea to create “private” bedroom space in an open loft.


(Elle Decor)

While this canopy is far more structured, it presents an design solution to the bed that is backed up against something less-than-desirable, like a noisy room or a busy hallway behind it.

Fabric & nails… or more complex and designed arrangements if you prefer… can create a canopied room within a room with ease!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Q

    Dana, do you think a canopy would be a good solution to the issue of having a computer in the bedroom? Just a subtle little something to keep sleep and sex sacred and seperate from work…but is it enough?

    • Dana

      YES! Thats a very good start!!!

  2. cheri huff

    Queen size round bed canopy


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