Change Your Space & Your Life With Simple Switches!

Dec 20, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

Change Your Space & Your Life With Simple Switches!



While we often think of “changing our lives” as a monumental undertaking, you should know that there are many things you can do today that will give you a fresh space– and in a feng shui sense- a fresh start at any time!

A few simple home & life switches I LOVE that you might want to try to get inspired! 

1. Flowers on your nightstand.  A few dollars worth of fresh flowers (or fresh clippings from your garden) introduce beauty and sensory richness to a bedroom in minutes.

rocio rodriguez

(Rocio Rodriguez)

2. Sketch in pastel. I happen to love this Rocio Rodriguez art work, and I happen to love art in general, but you don’t need a fund to get an art collection in order to benefit from art in your space.  What about a box of pastels and a big piece of paper to free your mind…? It can hang on your wall with a few pieces of scotch tape for a few dollars!

chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie

(The Baker Chick makes a to-die-for simple vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana smoothie!)

3. Drink some nutrients. If you don’t have a fancy blender or wild super-foods you can still make an awesome smoothie that adds energy and lusciousness to your life!  Bananas, some nut butter, cinnamon, dark chocolate, berries, orange juice…. whatever you have on-hand or within reach is limited only by your imagination!

new books

(my pile of books for the month!)

4. Make friends with the local library. I happen to have a quite serious love of ordering stacks of Amazon books, but for me, an expensive book-buying habit is part of my job!  Before all of this professional research, the library was my best friend!  Hit up your local library and check out books in every subject that interests you, a stack at a time if you are so inclined!

sisal carpet

(if you can’t renovate, amazing rugs like sisal can go over your old floor or carpet to make it new!)

5.  Create a nest.  In you rent- or own, and can’t make a huge renovation right now- there are ways to create a bit of an elevated home.  Try switching your blinds to something nicer… or putting a throw rug that is lovely over a crappy carpet or floor…  the idea is that you can absolutely improve anything with a little ingenuity!

Small changes can get you thinking about space in a new way… and , as a result, thinking about life in a new way, too!  xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    Love this – I am leaving for a week tomorrow but I am going to do one of those crazy all nighter cleaning sprees…it’s always nice to come back home to a clean nest, you know? May have to use some of these ideas!


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