Feng Shui Tips For A Warm Home & Exciting Life In Winter!

Dec 22, 2013 | Sensory Goodness


It is officially getting chilly in Los Angeles.   I was gifted 5 different candles, and 4 trips to spas  in the last week.  People know what I am all about: when it is cold, I revel in the element of fire.  Since you may be experiencing a way more wintery winter than we are in Hollywood, I pulled together a handful of feng shui tips that warm you on different levels.  This was originally a post on Ibby.com, and a valuable one to share again!  

Feng Shui Tips For A Cozy Winter 

Every season has its gifts, yet in the chill of winter the wonders of nature can be missed. Heaps of snow, ice-cold weather and shorter days of light do not always get greeted with open-arms. What you should know is that winter presents an incredible opportunity to recharge and grow in every way you can possibly imagine… if you follow the energy of the season.

In feng shui, the art and science of creating optimal environments in which to thrive, there is a strong emphasis on flowing with the seasons. Winter happens to be the best time to slow down and become introspective- just like many of the trees, plants and animals do! It is an excellent opportunity to create a nest at home that nourishes your spirit and your five senses. This is the season to reflect on life, to become well rested and well fed, and to harness all your creative energy to launch when Spring sun shines again.

Winter is the ideal time to focus on the sensory greatness of your home, and to make small switches that bring you a greater sense of warmth on every level. By adding the feng shui element of fire, clearing the air so your mind can be more clear, emphasizing the sense of touch with luscious textures in your space, even making small switches in your daily rituals—all create a winter wonderland at home that is unbeatably brilliant. I bet you will start to crave this season year round once you start crafting a cozy home that rocks this winter for yourself!

Since the handmade is always resonant with the artisan spirit and the energy of creativity, I pulled together some great things from Etsy to talk about six ways you can create your own cozy home using feng shui in my way.

1. faux furry throws:

faux fur throw

Nothing says luxurious, sexy and plush as much as fuzzy and feathery throw blankets that drape on a sofa or a chair, inviting you to sit and stay a while. Incidentally, studies have shown that we form impressions of our life and of other people based on the textures in an environment. If you are looking to express more of your softer and more sensual side, some faux fur – provided you like it aesthetically – is a must-have for you!

2. pure beeswax candles:

rose beeswax candles

Burning pure beeswax candles doesn’t just add some ambiance to your home. Beeswax releases negative ions in the air, and as it does, it clears the air of “energetic static” in the same way that a rainstorm seems to “clean” the air. This is an excellent ritual to try when preparing for an intimate meal or some quiet time to decompress alone with a book… or with your thoughts!

3. patchouli soap:

patchouli soap

Patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, sage. All of these aromatherapy essential oils are stimulating to the body to create a sense of greater warmth, and that makes them ideal to use in the winter months to generate a more holistic feeling of warmth. You might want to try adding a drop or two of one of these essential oils to a bath as well, if you are so inclined, to heighten the sensory richness.

4. red floor pillows and poufs:

red pouf

Red pillows and poufs are fantastic “movable seating” that will encourage some informal nesting in groups! More than just seating, red adds energizing, stimulating fire to any room, increasing its lusciousness and wow-factor in a big way.

5. red pottery and serving plates:

red pottery

Red is not just for the Holidays! This is a fantastic color for bowls to serve snacks, stash teas or even display your winter fruits like apples and pears. Red adds energy to a table. Anything you display in red will become more attractive, so nourishing foods in red bowls are a great tip to try in your home!

6. spice up your tea and coffee!

tea set

We already touched on some great seasonal aromatherapy… so now lets bring it to your diet, too! Spiced teas like some hand-crafted chai tea served in lovely cups, will warm you from the inside. Adding a cinnamon stick, nutmeg or even chai spice to your coffee will create a similar effect. The ritual in itself is warm and inviting, and a great ceramic tea set makes you feel more of the stability and strength of the Earth.

Try one or all of the above if they speak to you. I encourage you to experiment with these ideas of scent, touch, taste, color and energy to create your own winter paradise where you will thrive all season long!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Dana

    Dana – I look forward to your posts every day. I love them! They’re full of color and hope – and they really do help me. Plus, you have great taste! I wish I had half your artsy talent. I’m using the Artist’s Way to try and develop my artistic eye. Thank you for writing and sharing your wonderful decorating and artistic eye.

    • danaclaudat

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! And you DO have the same amount of artsy talent as me…you just need to access it! The entire theme of this year is creating and expanding in ways that you may have never thought of before. A year of discovery, stretching, growing genius and lots of beautiful stuff! On that note, have a very happy holiday and an amazing year ahead!!! xoxo



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