Rethinking The Way Things Should Be In Your Life!

Dec 24, 2013 | Creativity

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There is a pervasive idea that things “should be” a certain way.  Maybe you were raised with a way “things should be” and that is something you struggle to maintain.   Perhaps there are ideas of how your career should be that directly contradict what they are at the moment.  Do you try to do things as they “should be”, or even try to force yourself to meet an ideal that doesn’t stack up with your reality?

What if you can re-imagine the way things “should be”?!

I’ve been reading a ton about “creating reality” these days, gathering perspectives from every discipline I can relate to- from art to science to Eastern philosophy.  My person feeling that I am the creator of my reality has been echoed by every one of these disciplines in a different way.

We all have values, experiences and talents that are unique to us.

Not all of us live lives that reflect these core parts of ourselves.   It’s part of the “reality” of life that we sometimes realize we have jobs, friends, habits and even homes that feel like they are distinctly the opposite of us.

Building a deeper connection to your life on every level is a way to bridge the gap between you and the “stuff” around you. You can re-think things in your life, re-imagine them, and renovate them to whatever degree feels right to you.

The temptation when wanting a “fresh start” is to overthrow everything you have already.  Break free. Quit.  Move.

Sometimes that’s needed.

But… often, you can refine what you have already, and everything becomes fresh and feels brand new.

So, if you’ve been suffering from a persistent feeling that the way things “should be” is not right, or the “sensible” way is not making sense, don’t discount it! Run with it.  Why is it not right? What makes more sense to you?

Should your home office look like a colorful lounge rather than a rigid, corporate space that displays “power” as you once thought power “should be”?

Is it time to dress more like you feel rather than what you “should” dress like?

Are you more of a blonde now? More of a yogi than a runner?

Would “work” be more of a challenge if you were able to express your outside interests more, able to innovate more, able to communicate more in your own voice?

Re-thinking.  Re-imagining.  Refining.  Really loving your life. It is life-changing!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Flora

    I love this! I have done a lot of this tweaking in my home and habits and life and feel such positive changes. The one challenge I still face is…finding good close friends in my current life. I have far away friends that are dear in heart, yet my in town friends are more like acquaintances or…challenges. I take my space and then end up…with a life full of lots of goodness but not really super close relations. Or I socialize and end up….just with nice but limited connections. I cannot figure out how to bust out of this without actually moving yet…wish I could do so. I sometimes wonder if…this is just my path, yet…it does not seem right to me. I spend quality time with my hubby and daughter and dogs and with a few friends of my daughter and on phone with far away friends yet beyond that…its limited. We show up at parties, occasionally intimate get togethers yet…it never ends up with regular and close bonding of any sort. Any ideas? Love to hear if you do and thanks for this wonderful blog which has long now been my fave.



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