Creativity Is Connecting Things!

Dec 26, 2013 | Creativity

steve jobs creativity quote


When I read the boldfaced insight of a man who made more than a tiny dent in the universe, as I type on my Mac that was fashioned from the inside out by a boundless mind, my mind turned inside out for a second.

If all of creativity is as Mr. Jobs says- all about connecting and synthesizing- this really shines a light on one important fact.

You have to really live your life to be your most creative.

You won’t have experiences to draw from if you live in limited bounds.

The entire year ahead on the blog-  and in all of my work-  is dedicated to boundless living.

Despite what you might believe… it does not need to cost more to live without bounds.  It does not make you crazy to be living with more freedom.  You do not have to flip your life upside down to have a richly and deeply experieced life.  And… you might actually be more of an artist than you think you are… despite what you might believe!

Get ready… it is going to be a year of lots of saying YES to lots of the new… and kicking the stuff that weights you down that you’ve been carting around to the curb (where it can be recycled, of course!)!!!  xoxo Dana


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