What You Should Be When You Grow Up!

Dec 27, 2013 | Prosperity

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What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? 

What an awesome question!

I distinctly remember a conversation I had with a friend from college in 2006.  I was studying feng shui as a kind of hobby-passion and I had just quit a job running a big art gallery in a very disconcered huff.  Lets just say, it was a dream job minus the things being thrown at me (anything from rubberbands to vaccuum cleaners!) and the daily sermon about how stupid I was.   Yes, that was the predicatble part of it.  The thing is, at that crazy job, I felt more myself and more engaged than ever before in my life.  I was orchestrating huge events, sharing art with an enormous audience and immersed in a world of artists who were- and are- shaping society in many ways.   I  finally felt like so much of me could soar in a space.  Except for the very dark and crazy part of it.

So, it was in a huff that I left, with great remorse, and I had this conversation with my friend.

He said, in a very direct way, ” What were you good at as a kid? What could you see yourself doing when you were in first grade?”

And all I could think of was making art and redecorating my home. I pretended a camera was on me while I painted in my garage and staged photo shoots with my dolls, as though I had my own PBS show.  (I was a HUGE childhood fan of PBS, early Martha Stewart specials, Square Foot Gardening, This Old House… you name it, I was watching.) I read cookbooks, croched and pulled pictures of canopy beds and fabric  samples from Sears catalogues to remake my bedroom.  All I wanted to do was make art and design space… and somehow share it.

How I got from that conversation in 2006 to today is a whole lot of happy accients borne of following what felt expansive. And that’s how it expands. Whether it grows (the blog, and all its parts)  or not is really not the leading thought in my mind; I can’t help but show up for it every day no matter what.  And when it grows, its not about me any more, its about how someone felt they got some help. Inspiration. Ideas.

So, what were you good at as a kid? In first grade, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Can you fold some of that childlike awesomeness into your day? The next month? A lifetime?


There’s always lots of fun ahead when you lead with the kind of purity and passion you have in spades that is unique, innate and ever-ready to be expressed.

xoxo Dana

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