3 Amazing Ways Quantum Physics Can Light Up Your Life!

Dec 28, 2013 | Creativity

melissa brown

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Buzzing sub-atomic particles create the largely spacious reality that we live in, and the sub-atomic bits, smaller than we can contemplate, that compose reality are up for hot debate in the world of quantum physics. If you have a technical bent, Stanford’s compliation of Quantum Physics and Conciousness will blow your mind… though will leave you will the same conclusion:

Nothing is conculsive!

So, if nothing can be absolutely proven, why talk about it?

Quantum Mechanics is 100% real. Its implications in our lives: that’s the fun and open aspect of this discussion!

There are a few parts of Quantum Physics that are more widely-accepted in the academic realm, and just a few of these ideas just might illuminate your life! 

The quantum gorgeousness of the day:

Life is what you make of it. And everything you make affects everthing else in the world!

An article in Discover Magazine explains, “Quantum mechanics holds that any given particle has a chance of being in a whole range of locations and, in a sense, occupies all those places at once. Physicists describe quantum reality in an equation they call the wave function, which reflects all the potential ways a system can evolve. Until a scientist measures the system, a particle exists in its multitude of locations. But at the time of measurement, the particle has to “choose” just a single spot. At that point, quantum physicists say, probability narrows to a single outcome and the wave function “collapses,” sending ripples of certainty through space-time. Imposing certainty on one particle could alter the characteristics of any others it has been connected with, even if those particles are now light-years away. (This process of influence at a distance is what physicists call entanglement.) As in a game of dominoes, alteration of one particle affects the next one, and so on.”

So, the next time you feel you aren’t doing enough to change the world, remember that your every bit of reality affects other reality in a giant domino effect that DOES affect the world!

Anything can be changed. 

You can factually make the world disappear in a series of theorems if you reduce things down far enough in a quantum sense.  A very brilliant Cultural Anthroplogist with two PhD’s from Yale told me one day: ” The problem with quantum physics is that the world disappears. You reduce things down until there is nothing. And then you have nothing to do!”

From a scientific standpoint, quantum physics studies have been a very huge wrestling match with random bits and theories that are hard to prove.

From a more holistic standpoint, the fact that nothing is static and set in stone means that everything can be changed.

In Buddhism, one of the most mind-quaking principles I have encountered is the notion that everything- not just everyone, but everything- can attain enlightenment. In a sense, that is quantum theory where consciousness is involved at its core.

Reality is 100% subjective: in other words, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

While no one single theiry explains how 100%,., there is agreement that you make your own experience of life.

As I sit and type this, my hands feel solid and pretty nimble today, though they are “composed” of mostly empty space on a molectular level.   I feel warm and things look bright to me.

The person next to me seems to feel hung over and somewhat toppled by the sun, dragging his head and shrinking in his chair.

We are both a few feet apart, but our reality is 100% different.

If we are indeed living in a buzzing mass of quantum particles that are held together by affinity, by magnetic forces or simply by our agreement that they are… this means that somehow we are all deciding what we see, what we feel and what is real on a very massive level every day.  (this New Science article dives a bit deeper into the hard cold science of making personal reality) 

In the book Super Brain, Deepak Chopra and neurologist Rudolph Tanzi explain that we are not defined by our brain alone, but, rather, we are “reality makers.”  In being “reality makers” we all experience the sensory world uniquely.  Sweet is not my favorite flavor quality, though sweet may set off fireworks in both your memory and your pallette as you eat.  Sweet doesn’t taste the same to us.  Nothing is quite the same to all of us. This making of reality exists on so many other levels, but this example is an easy one to explain  to open the doors to how much we experience a personal reality. (By the way, this is the reason I disagree with one-size-fits-all feng shui & wellness… we all have a different reality to shape!)

Could we be much more peaceful if we stop trying to get others to see things “our way” and start accepting the fact that our realities are personal but they can- and do- all co-exist?

Having held a notion for quite some time that I was an alien in my thinking, this Quantum Physics-borne new reality – the idea that we do MAKE reality- helped empower my own colorfully unique view of the world.  I hope it does the same for you!

New ways of seeing the world will help you break free from fixed perspecitives that hold you back.  While I am not going to tell you that I know how the world works (who does!?!) I do know that these ideas are all grounded in reality- albeit a newer reality.

Quantum mindset, a new view of consciousness, a fresh take on our creative abiilties (after all— we create just about everything!!!)… these ideas make me so excited, and I hope they light up your life as well!!!  xoxo Dana


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