6 Artists That Transform The Ordinary Into The Sublime!

Dec 30, 2013 | Life With Art

Lucas Zimmerman

(Lucas Zimmerman)

Traffic lights that create sculpture in the air, water filled with simple color turned into angelic beauty, books that create a monumental sculpture, and much more compose this week’s 6 artists post.  I am fascinated by the alchemy of re-engineering the ordinary into the extraordinary.  That’s what we can do in our lives, encouraged by this brilliant art.  

Above, Lucas Zimmerman alters the everyday event of stopping at a traffic light into a symphony of streaming rainbows.

kim keever

(Kim Keever)

Kim Keever turns water into the medium of dreams, as pigments become blooming life forms sustended in space.

alicia martin

(Alicia Martin)

What were once books are now a cascade of ideas, pouring out of space, unfolding themselves in the air.

Yrjö Edelmann

(Yrjö Edelmann)

Yrjö Edelmann paints the ordinary wrapped package so realistically that I want to peel back the tape and unfold it all right now!

david hockney

(David Hockney)

While he’s already considered a master, I would be remiss to not add in this Hockney of three chairs in front of a wall.  What makes it extraordinary? A Picasso mural is on the wall. And the hairs, all together, become hyper-candy-rich color forms. Everyday… elevated.

Joan Salo

(Joan Salo) 

This is made with pen. Pen strokes. The same pen likely beside you. Just different colors of ink. And it is hypnotically magnificent.

See the possibility in the every day.  Find a way to breathe more life into the ordinary.  The extraordinary will emerge!  xoxo Dana


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