Living In Gratitude Is An Awesome Aspiration!

Dec 30, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


(love this!)

We all know- or have a sense- that talk can be cheap.  It’s not what people SAY, but rather how they LIVE, that moves me.

Gratitude is not a new concept.

But, living in gratitude is something a bit foreign, even to the grateful.

I have been very grateful and still bemoaned my own lack of things I wanted. I have been guilty of saying how blessed I am and yet have, by the end of a day, fell into a spell of how other people have what I should have.

Have you done this?

What if gratitude wasn’t a word or words, but a way of life?

I know it’s something I always have to remember. Especially after spending too much time in the worlds of want and need and greed.

Gratitude doesn’t mean you have to be penniless and accept less than you deserve or create less than you think you can.  Gratitude puts me in a higher place when I am creating, doing, building…

Gratitude is a wild way of accessing creativity.  It really works!  Jealousy, hatred and victimization make it very hard to approach life as art. And when life is art, everything flows.

Here’s a little vintage feng shui video all to do with gratitude. You can use this sense of blessing to build your life.  To build a lifestyle. To connect to your world. To find ways to express more of your purpose.

It seems that people who live in a greater sense of  gratitude have much more peace in their mind, body and soul.  And that is a great place to be!

xoxo Dana


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