A Feng Shui Idea To Empower Your Life!

Jan 4, 2014 | Prosperity

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Where does your energy go?

If I were to use the word budget you would think of where you spend your money all day, right? Money, in essence, is energy, at a very conceptual level. If you have enough of it, you feel more free and you are less concerned about a survival crisis.

What would happen if you felt the same way about your actual energy- your drive, motivation, sense of vitality, optimism and creativity? What if you looked at where you spent your energy? Where does it go?

This is a question that can open up the doors to real personal revolution.

One of the best “feng shui tips” I have every learned was from my acupuncturist. I was really depleted and struggling to get through a day without feeling overwhelmed. He said, ” Follow your energy. See where it goes.”

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First, follow your energy through your social day. Are there people who take an enormous amount of energy from you? Are there people and activities that make you feel bigger, that give you a sense of greater possibility?

Next, follow your energy in your moods and your personal thoughtscape. Do persistent thoughts or worries take your energy down? Are you attached to ideas that make you feel small or limited? Are you resting too much upon logic and not enough upon your emotions? Are you the opposite- so emotional that you are unreasonably unable to maintain your day in flow?

Now, follow your energy through your home. What does your attention fix upon in your living space? Where does the clutter pile up? Does your home lift up your energy or drag it down?

How about your body through the day? It is stuck? Persistent pains, tension? Are you exhilarated and open at certain times in the day, flexible and free?

All of these are usually related. The people in your space, your energetic psyche, your body and your home environment are all in sync, all interlocked to a degree that can’t be ignored.

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If you are looking for more energy in your life overall, you won’t find it in a quick fix of triple espresso or a day of leisure amidst a lifestyle of crushing stress and negativity.

If you are interested in a more dynamic life, taking a good look at all the ways your energy is spent can help you to create a really livable “lifestyle energy” budget.

Going back to the example of money: you may not track every dime you spend, but if I asked you to buy an $800,000 car (they do exist!), most of you would say no way, because you know it would be an unwise way to use your money.   You would be depleted, maybe even in debt, and you wouldn’t really have use for the car anyway.

But: why do we put our most valuable energetic resource- our time and out lives- in that much debt?

How much does it cost you: being crushed by a verbally abusive person, being spun in circles by negativity, being held back by the past in mountains of clutter or even being locked into a life prison of worry?

Do you get anything useful out of all of it?

Your energy is your personal wealth.

Where do you spend it?

Can you see where you are overspending?

How can you cut back and invest in things that pay you back in joy, in space, in exhilaration and in creative inspiration?

Those are some big questions. You have the dynamic answers. Go for it!

xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    These are some great questions, Dana. I am currently de-cluttering my apartment, and it is so amazing how much it lifts my mood!



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