A Fun Word Game For The New Year!

Jan 5, 2014 | Creativity

word game words of the year


What are the first 3 words you see?

I love themes and intentions and all sorts of live-invigorating goodness, and this little word puzzle strikes me as unique as the words that leap out are somewhat telling of what I want and what I’ve been emenating… and so, what I am creating.

I ran across this awesome word game compliments of Lori Bregman.  It’s no surprise that I met Lori just as I was at a turning point of creativity and love…. her work as a doula, as a pregnancy coach and and overall transformative force is outstanding.  You can read more about her HERE.   I can’t help but think its no accident that my own three words are so much in the realm of the birthing process in every way!

Do your three words excite you? Do they mirror your intentions? Do they spark new ideas? xoxo Dana


  1. Jeanne

    Love. Happiness. Freedom. I love this post!!! So psyched about 2014!!!

  2. Ken

    Now is a great time to clear energies, dissolve blocks and wash away negative vibes. You absolutely deserve to feel healthy, connected, experience divine flow and shine brightly in this world.
    Thanks Dana!! xoxo!

  3. BakingSuit

    Love, success, & money. I hope so! We’re buying a house and maybe trying for a baby.

  4. Jessica

    Love, Experience & Intelligence. Thank you for sharing, I love it! And, thinking it’s a pretty good indication of what is in store for me this year!

    • danaclaudat

      hell yes that sounds like a great year!

  5. tara stiles

    love. beauty. popular 🙂 xoxoxo

    • danaclaudat

      tara- no joke, we had the same words except i saw the full “popularity.” 😉 happy new year!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. Kylie

    Love, Beauty, Experience

  7. josie

    My words for 2014 are Love. Happiness. Lust. Wow!

  8. Sue

    Love, Beauty, and Freedom… the first two are “nice”… made me smile… but the last one elicited a “Yes!” from deep within my soul… Thanks for a fun way to envision what I am creating this year, Dana. 🙂

  9. Zandilli

    Love Beauty Money

  10. April

    Money, intelligence & happiness. I just bought your e-book a few days ago bc I wanted to learn more about Feng shui and offer my services to others. I feel my 3 words reflect my decision! Thanks Dana!

  11. Meredith

    I got love, fun, and honesty.

    My husband got love, fun, and elm. Bahahahaha!

  12. Y.M.C.M.B YoungMon!

    Beauty popular money


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