6 Artists That Create With A Glowing Full Spectrum!

Jan 7, 2014 | Life With Art

verner panton

(Verner Panton) 

I am a sucker for a great rainbow of color, even in a puddle on the sidewalk.  When artists incite form and language to communicate in art from a full and glowing spectrum of color, I am a captive audience.  This week’s six artists take the rainbow to new heights:  all vast, bold and deliberate yet fleeting and delicate like the rarity of a rainbow itself. 

Syephen Antonakos

(Stephen Antonakos)

While each form is white, as it glows it gains its own unique personality.

Anne Patterson

(Anne Patterson)

The divinity of silk ribbon.  Yes, this is all silk ribbon.

Pipilotti Rist

(Pipilotti Rist )

Psychedelic projections that melt into one another like a kaleidoscope give me the chills.

Angela Kelly

(Angela Kelly)

Angela Kelly’s frozen bubbles of water are the condensed version of many rainbows that twinkle in the background.

koyama(Taisuke Koyama)

And Taisuke Koyama, well, this is the artist who I want to design the swimming pool in my next house! Absurdly magnificent, no?

Live with more art.  Let it color your life and bring words and form to things you can’t yet express but know you must! xoxo Dana


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