Fabulous Kitchen Decor Details To Add Abundance To Your Home!

Jan 7, 2014 | Prosperity

gorgeous kitchen


No matter where in your home your kitchen is located, in feng shui, the kitchen is an area of huge abundance.  There is practical reasoning behind this notion: if you have the good fortune to keep your kitchen filled with food, you are very lucky.  And, when you cook in your kitchen and care for your kitchen, you are amplifying that energy.

Personally, I love gorgeous kitchen touches, like this chandelier… and the ideas to follow!

plants in kitchen


Plants are amazing for kitchens, and a wonderful hanging planter (ideas here) can make adding plants a beautiful breeze!

kitchen accessories

Some personal touches with ceramic, China and other great dishware add great Tao power to a kitchen and to the dining table!

bright kitchen color


Citrus and fire colors for bar stools, chairs, even flowers are a major  power-adding upgrade to a kitchen that does not require any heavy “renovation”.

kitchen cabinets


I am positively enchanted by these cabinets.  The spectrum of colors turns the kitchen into an art work.

kitchen cart

(design love fest)

And… while I do not advocate the everyday stacking of pots and pans in this way (though it makes for a eye-popping image!), a bar car or rolling cart can add both dynamism and extra storage to a kitchen space that is small or occupied by very voracious chefs!

Fabulous finishes for fantastic kitchens! You don’t need to turn your life upside down to have a “renovated” kitchen space! xoxo Dana


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