5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving This Week!

Jan 9, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

citrine necklace

(Citrine from rock star goddess on Etsy)

This edition of 5 Lifestyle Goodies is full of home & life refinements.  From the easiest fix for fresher shower water to flower-shaped gleaming change holders, this week’s 5 Goodies  is easy and breezy… and I have a special pull toward each one of them.   Plus… everything is under $50 on this list, so its much easier to say yes to a lifestyle upgrade if it resonates with you!

Part of why I am so attracted to citrine this year: it is a gemstone reminder to trust my intuition. It’s golden color, its sparkle and its rough earthiness emanates energy  like raw intuitive prowess itself! cb2 dahlia candle holders

(CB2 Dahlia Candleholders) 

These stunning candle holders nest together and also unfold to be used as a pair, greatly symbolic for relationships of yin  & yang  energy!

castor oil

(castor oil is my new favorite beauty product!)

If you haven’t checked out my castor oil beauty secrets you can read them all HERE.  While I only use a small amount of castor oil, its is impeccable for my eyebrows, skin, nails and hair.   I really don’t know how I lived without it on my vanity table for all these years…!

ombre glasses

(west elm)

In my house, glasses seem to walk away.  That’s why I started gravitating toward more substantial mugs and glassware that has “heft” to it.  These metallic ombre glasses from West Elm remind me of the ornate tumblers in my childhood home that were reserved for Whiskey Sours (not for me!) almost exclusively!

water shower filter (shower filter from Culligan)

I just replaced the shower filter in my home shower head and it’s like a new day of clarity has dawned in my bathroom!  If you have never used a shower water filter before, I urge you to try one.  My filter (a Sprite) is no longer for sale-  (so luckily I have extra filters!)- but my next one will be this very similar Culligan that is a bit more substantial than mine, and shockingly affordable.

The lifestyle lifts of the week! Enjoy! xoxo Dana


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