The Paper Wizardry Of Yulia Brodskaya!

Jan 10, 2014 | Life With Art

yulia brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya is a paper wizard. Rolling small strips of paper into three dimensional sculpture is no small feat.  Try this with a shredded piece of a Post-It and  you will see how much work in involved to maintain a small bend, never mind sculptural brilliance.

Paper quilling is a artistic craft that blossomed in the 18th Century, and dare I say, was perfected in this work I am sharing today! 

gypsy paper quilling

Here is the full Gypsy portrait.  A detail is above it, and below it as well.

yulia brodskaya

The lines are so crisp and the depth is so magnificent!

bird paper quilling

Total wow-factor as streaming paper flows like feathers.

yulia brodskaya

One of my favorite pieces of contemporary art, seriously. Something about it is so stirring.

yulia brodskayaLyrical, intricate & shaped by shadows.

yulia brodskaya

Portraits don’t get much better. It unfolds.

All art by Yulia Brodskaya. 


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