Feng Shui Your Cell Phone Use!

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wi fi art

(what wi-fi waves might look like when turned into art!)

While the obvious dangers of texting and driving- and walking!- are hard to dispute, the idea that cell phones emit dangerous waves is a matter of hot debate.  I am not a fan of “scare-tactic” media, but I am a strong advocate of doing all we can to minimize our exposure to environmental polutants.   Since we obviously aren’t about to give up our technology (I certainly am not!) let’s look at ways to make cell phone use more harmonious and, perhaps, safer for our lives and for  the environment. 

Cell phones, along with outdoor power lines, wireless tech devices, computers,  wi-fi, and even plugged in and switched-off electronics all emit waves of energy into our environment.  This is a fact that is not up for debate.  The waves that they emit are called EMF (electromagnetic fields), another well-accepted idea.

Whether or not these EMF’s pose actual heath risks is a hot-button topic.  EMFs, by some, have been linked to a litany of autoimmune diseases, cancers and degenerative brain disorders.  Other say this is hogwash. No one person is 100% right or wrong about this, so let’s look broader and think more holistically about EMF’s and our lives.

Here is what is certanly true: the Earth has a pulse.  It is frequently  called Schuman Resonance. 7.83hz  of energy. I am sure that number means very little to you, but it is the vibration of the earth at its core.  You can read much more about it HERE.   Schumann Resonance has been hotly debated.   What struck me as phenemonal is that our brain waves at our most creative state- you know, the space where you can see all the possibilities in life- an Alpha Brain wave state- are in synch with these Earth Rhythms of Schumann Resonance. (here you can read more of these studies)

Perhaps this is why I am not as creative in “office” environments stuffed with computers and wireless phones?  Do you find that high-electricity environments affect you in odd ways?

EMF waves are through to disrupt this Schumann Resonance.

cell phone waves

(Nickolay Lamm illustrates in art the reach of cell phone towers over Hollywood in the Huffington Post) 

Now… I am all about personal experience.  If you enter a high-electricity area, you may feel it.  You might become confused, tired, wired, itchy, or feel otherwise ill at ease.  I feel it intensely.  I break out in hives, get migraines and even nauseous.  The only insomnia I have ever had is after exposure to high amounts of electtrical techie waves.

EWG writes about the cell phone situation today, and how not all details are public record:

“Consumers need — now more than ever — real-world, relevant data on how much radiation their phones emit under various circumstances. The FCC does not require the cell phone industry to disclose these data. One important study showing that certain networks could expose consumers to 30 to 300 times more radiation than other networks was hidden from the public until the information was dated to the point of irrelevancy.”  (via EWG)

I would love to know what the cell phone industry knows about their safety!

Why am I singling out cell phones today? I use mine all day.  I bet you do as well.  You may be reading this on a cell phone. If we can use cell phones even 10% safer — if indeed they posess any negative qualities— then it is a great thing for your environment and your life, right?

How can you “feng shui” your cell phone use and make it more harmonious!?

  • EWG has published a guide to safer cell phone use that you can read here. 
  • Mercola has a list of cell phone safety tips here. 
  • Try to get a wind-up, old school alarm clock for your bedroom and keep your phone (and all plugged-in electronics- out of your bedroom (its where you are meant to rejuvenate)
  • Take breaks from your phone & spend more time in nature…!
  • Unload all the apps that you don’t use.
  • Actually turn the phone OFF rather than on silent when you are not using it.

Technology is heroic and life-changing . I champion it.  I use it as the core of my communication.  And even if every claim can be “debunked” about the danger of EMF, the environmental impact of cell phone towers and the like, I don’t think anyone can argue that real life communication, time in nature and balancing technology with tactile, real-life experiences is anything less than important for our world at large.

A world that is calmer is a big dream of mine.  I bet it is for you, too!  So, love your techie stuff,  use your phone, but stay balanced with it!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Lisa

    There are also crystals or gem stones that are said to absorb some of the radiation from cell phones and computers. I think one of them is amazonite. Placing a piece on your computer or wearing earrings made of the stones may help….

  2. Lisa

    There are also crystals or gem stones that are said to absorb some of the radiation from cell phones and computers. I think one of them is amazonite. Placing a piece on your computer or wearing earrings made of the stones may help….

  3. Q

    I think we also need to be looking at the production side of technology – how safely are the raw materials sourced and what are the working conditions like for the people who manufacture it all? This has been on my mind a lot recently. If we’re concerned about the physical effects cell phones have on us just from using them, can you imagine what it must be like for those who made the phone? That is something which needs to be dug deeper into.

  4. Katie

    I find it funny that I go to pinterest on my phone for inspiration all the time when really it just makes me less creative. I never really get creative I get distracted. Such a post! Yea! 2014!

  5. Shari

    What about the feng shui effects of your Wi-Fi router being right smack dab in the middle of your prosperity corner?! I have a salt crystal in that corner to help the effects, but should I actually MOVE it?

    • danaclaudat

      can you move it? do you feel it is affecting the area? I would add plants, personally 🙂

      • Shari

        O.k., yea, thank you for your reply!
        Could move it, but I’m not sure how it would impact the integrity of the network because it would be moved to another floor.

        Plants, yes. We do have lucky bamboo there, any others that you’d suggest for this in particular in three prosperity corner?

        I love your work!…


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