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Jan 11, 2014 | Home Style

kelly wearstler

(from Rhapsody, Kelly Wearstler’s fourth book) 

When I am lost at sea for a day, I reach for beautiful imagery. Even if its a trip to my rooftop to see the city lights, some dreamy visions make the day.  Today I needed the radiance of orchid – this year’s color of the year from Pantone, incidentally (you can read about its feng shui prowess right HERE)- and I got lost in the world of Kelly Wearstler.  What a glorious place to get lost! 

kelly wearstler pink

This bit of inspiration from her Pinterest is all the rage of nature. So much nature is magnified in her aesthetic, hyper-real natural forms.

pink wearstler fabric Her images are luxe on luxe on luxury and yet there is an ease to all of it. I love her Tumblr filled with visual candy.

kelly wearstler

And a lack of perfection, yet so much harmony.

radiant orchid wearstler

The sometimes quixotic and often intensely textures and graphic.

pepsi machine

The pops of genius. History. Streamlined geometry.

kelly wearstler

And light just flowing… freely flowing… I am enamored by this iconic design.

Get lost in Kelly Wearstler’s blog, MyVibe, My Life, her Website & Pinterest if you haven’t already… and soon you will likely be addicted too!  xoxo Dana


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