Honeycomb Patterns In Design & Life!

Jan 13, 2014 | Home Style

honeycomb art

(vintage revivals)

Honeycombs are are a vibrant pattern that “feels” organized and efficient even though it has such an edge of intricate design.  The honeycomb- an artwork of the honey bee- resonates with is deeply as it shares the same symmetry as our own physical body cells do- a proportion that is echoed in all great masterpieces.  The honeycomb is a timeless design pattern- both sweet and retro, high style and casual, relaxed and rigid in form.

And….. they are gorgeous!

This video illuminates a bit of the magic of bees at work making these wonderfully precise honey combs. Compelling work. Art, indeed.



In case your were wondering, honeycomb is absolutely edible.  It makes an amazing addition to a cheese plate.  You can chew on a small piece. As all the honey flows out and wax remains, many chew the wax like gum until it loses its flavor.  HERE is a bit on its health properties.  While I don’t have it often, it is like a jewel to behold on a plate.

honeycomb shelf

Honeycomb shapes can be stacked together in wall shelving, a very retro-look for a modern home.

society 6 art

( Nikki Singletary)

This art has the rhythm of an Ellsworth Kelly thanks to its awesome honeycomb patterning, screating such a lyrical geometry.  Love it!

vase honeycomb

(Blue Cedar Lane)

Honeycomb textures are so appealing in home decor, as they are so innate to our nature.

honeycomb soap

(honeycomb soap)

I adore this homemade honey soap from Etsy. Honey is super nourishing, soothing and hydrating to all skin types, it smells like a dream and the gorgeous patterning makes it beautiful enough to eat!

You can learn more HERE about the sacred geometric links we share with nature.  Great design is life-changing & patterns that resonate with nature like the honeycomb are a part of that game-changing decor equation!  xoxo Dana


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