The Year-Round Happy Waves Of Surf Style

Jan 15, 2014 | Home Style

pink waves

Surf style. It brings a year round feeling for the rolling waves into your home, a sense of adventure waiting to happen, a lovely organic and emotionally poignant feeling of sea and color, waves and motion.  Let’s dive into surf style for a moment, to see how it can prompt wonder to swell in your home! 

I had one real surf adventure in my life, and I am happy I lived to tell about it!  On vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, I met some Americans who relocated to the beach and wanted to take me surfing.  At 5 in the morning the next day, they came to collect me, and I went! Our big powder blue pick up truck broke down in the jungle of green overgrowth on the way to the white beach full of smooth rocks. We made it anyway, after lots of flies invaded the truck and several strangers approached to give it a push.

With a pile of ricks under my feet, I stood on a lemon yellow and off white board (somehow) and rode a wave. I finally understood the enormity of the sea, and how the surf has its own intelligence. I realized my own limitations, and how I couldn’t fight against nature but had to roll with it.  I ate fresh fish fried by my hosts as I battled the foamy waters back to the shore.  Color, flavor, sun and a very meditative calm.  I understand why so many great artists are also great surfers!


peter tunney

(peter tunney)

Peter Tunney uses surf boards as canvas, emboldening his typography, creating the feel as if the art can glide off the wall and into its own universe.

surf board

Gotta love pastel when used as neutrals.  Here, a soaring surf board “activates” and otherwise dull corner.

inspirational quootes

I just adore the surfboard poetry.

surf board coffee table

This is dashingly smart decor!!!

raymond pettibon

(raymond pettibon)

I can not think of a better way to fill a glorious loft space than with enormous art of surf, compliments of an enormous  Raymond Pettibon!

surf board decor

These boards… they really create a sense of home.  For the more die-hard of surfers, it’s a part of life, and boards are a part of the process, almost a partner in the sea.  A retired board as decor is so utterly personal and meaningful, I can’t help but say that no matter what it is great feng shui!

Surf style.  Watery bliss.  A communion with nature.  Yet another way to connect to the world, and to your home!  xoxo Dana


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