Art & Style Inspired By Clouds!!!

Jan 16, 2014 | Life With Art

colorful clouds

Clouds are actually droplets of condensed water that is vaporized and floating way high in the sky in a somewhat magical fashion.  Before the 17th Century, clouds were thought to be mysterious air essences.

Luke Howard came along in the early 1800’s and named and explained clouds more fully, explaining that clouds are a predictor of the weather temperament and behavior  just as someone’s face displays the condition of a person’s life:

“Clouds are subject to certain distinct modifications, produced by the general causes which affect all the variations of the atmosphere; they are commonly as good visible indicators of the operation of these causes, as is the countenance of the state of a person’s mind or body.” (wikipedia)

So, today’s round up of art & design is inspired by the personality and mood of the sky! 

cloud bedding

(this is sold out right now, made by urban outfitters)

Buoyantly cloudy bedding is fantastic for a kid’s bedroom or a guest room, a great way to bring the dreamy sky down to earth. This one is not available right now, but if you can get a cloudy print fabric, (or a blue ombre), and take it to a tailor (or your sewing machine!)  you can have a custom duvet in no time.

tara donovan

tara donovan

(tara donovan)

Some of my favorite art clouds are those made my the monumental genius Tara Donovan who used thousands of styrofoam cups (talk about upcycling) to create a ceiling of breathtaking, undulating clouds.

cloud dough

As it turns out, “cloud dough’ is a kid favorite.  A mix of flour and oil that mashes and crumbles and smells divine depending on the mix, you can learn how to make an play with a handful of “cloud” matter right HERE! 

william eggleston

(william eggleston) 

William Eggleston, the photographer of everyday life in searing ways, pointed his camera toward the sky for his latest series at Gagosian in Beverly Hills.

gold clouds

(via etsy)

These golden metallic cloud pillow wall sculptures are a glittery special treat in a wall installation. I would love to see them in a giant, loosening spiral…!

cloud pants tara stiles

And to save my best for last, perhaps the reason I have clouds on my mind on a clear day, are the dreamy cloud pants that Tara Stiles  designed for her line with Reebok.  (hope you don’t mind that I used your pic Tara, I just can’t get enough of these!!!) Ordering mine now, here, to inspire my rolling out of my yoga mat more often in 2014!

Dreamy, ephemeral, with a history of mystery, the cloudy countenance of the earth can smile on you all day. Stare at the sky, watch more sunsets, imagine the galaxies, see more of the fluffy, soft and sparkling of nature in every day.  xoxo Dana


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  1. Erin

    Where is the first image of clouds from? Its beautiful!

    • danaclaudat

      the magic of random Tumblr posts. Can’t trace its beginning but I love it! xoxoxo



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