Turn Your Instagram Into An Art Project!

Jan 16, 2014 | Life With Art

instagram collage

(the plumed nest)

Instagram. It is addictive for many. Only recently have I began to really use it in a way that feels less novel and more special.  I started reading about printing Instagrams. And turning Instagrams into art.

And that’s when it hit me…

The idea of creating a book of my own Instagram photos each year, you know, just for me,  made me understand the way I could use Instgram to actually see life more clearly. Instagram as a photo chronicle, in a real story-telling way.

If  I take you to a party on an average day in Hollywood at least 20 people will be taking pictures of themselves while standing in groups, cocktails in hand, the whole thing. At a restaurant, about 10 people at a time are snapping their meal.  I have done both!  None of it is bad in and of itself in my mind, but it feels like a novelty.

…and yet… photo diaries are a really rigorous and brilliant form of a diary to keep.

So, Instagram is about to become a  narrative diary in a better way in my own life (maybe yours, too?) and that got me thinking about cool ways to display images so they wouldn’t be imprisoned in my cell phone.  And here are some very cool real-life bits of Instagram as art inspiration!

printed instagrams

(this then that)

This Then That offers great advice on local printing of Instagrams in South Africa (!), and also a great app, if you live somewhere else, to download your Instagrams to your hard drive and print them that way! You can read more HERE. 

printed instagrams(fancy)

What a fantastic grid of photos! So intensely rhythmic when stacked in geometric form.



This simple idea from snapstagr_am can liven up a dark corner or brighten a dull cubicle. You can even print books of your Instagram photos at snapstagr_am and I am hearing good enough things that I may try it! 

instagram wall collage


Some colorful washi tape turns your printed instagrams- and polaroids- and other pictures- into a very special collage!

Now, in the spirit of ever more artful living, I am going to take my camera for a walk with a late-day tea and see what I see from a new vantage point!  Have fun turning your digital memories into feng shui fabulous design! xoxo Dana


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