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Jan 16, 2014 | Food-Shui

fruit salad(via Pioneer Woman- she rocks!) 

To know me is to know that there are things I can not eat. I’ll be in bad shape, potentially life-upsetting bad shape if I dare to go against the diet that constantly attends to my own body’s needs. I have an autoimmune digestive thing (I hate labels, so lets just say, I have the tendency in me) and when I found the Specific Carbohydrate Diet it changed my life. I “knew” it was right. And I knew, suddenly, why I felt wrong eating certain things for so many years before this.

Why couldn’t I trust myself to eat what felt right before this? I had too many excellent experts telling me that I should eat in several different ways. I was looking in what seemed to be “all the right places” but I was demoralized and confused. I lost touch with what was right for me.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, nutritional support to heal an illness or you simply want to be your best and healthiest you, the world of “diets” to follow is confusing at best.  When I met Kim Love and she explained that her mission was to teach people the links between diet and lifestyle in a new, personalized way, I was intrigued.

Today, I am so excited that Kim  is sharing her philosophy of food and  lifestyle in a new way- all based on trusting your inner wisdom and creating a way of eating that makes the best sense in your own life! 

ascention kitchen zucchini

(GORGEOUS zucchini roll ups from Ascention Kitchen, one of my fave food blogs!!!) 

Where to start? Well naturally we would plot our plans, Google the latest nutrition advice & check out the “expert” or diets our friends swear by. However we might find ourselves wallowing in some confusion at the polarizing information we find.

One tells us grains are good for us, another tells us they’re bad. One friend swears they felt great and dropped the lbs when they went veggie but then someone else says the vegetarian diet almost did them in, only to perk up and get svelte by embracing their inner Caveman. To Gluten or not to Gluten?  Paleo or vegan? The food philosophy overload & confusion continues.

Why is it that the more information and  “experts” we have, the murkier our picture becomes over what’s right for us?  And how can we begin a personalized health evolution, especially when it feels like deciphering code just to figure out how to fuel our bodies towards better health? So WHO, lawd almighty, has our answers?

Actually, this person is much closer than most of us realize and in the drive to look to others for our answers, we turn away from the only person that has them. Don’t worry; I’m not smug enough to claim this knight in shining armor me. Au contraire. It is the one and only, You! So saddle up, shine your armor and consider this:

We know that food is powerful, and it is often at the root of much more than we realize when it comes to our health and wellness. Impacting everything from our mood, energy, allergies, sleep, pain, weight and more. We know that certain foods may be good for some but those same foods can cause inflammation and destruction within the body for others. Each of us thrive with varying diets and the quest to fit into a one-size-fits all diet is a frustrating conundrum as it rarely addresses what’s right for our unique constitutions.

And beyond what we think we want for our bodies there’s an underlying factor of what each of us uniquely NEED, with our own set of food tolerances and triggers that compose our unique Food Fit.

So how can you begin to know what your personal Food Fit is?  This is when we get to the good stuff!  Our bodies provide regular feedback, they “talk “ to us, whether it’s a whisper or a shout!

Some of the opportunities that may be ripe for discovery when you explore how food impacts us specifically:

Bloated stomach & digestion issues:  Could it be tomatoes or garlic?

Neck & Back pain: Perhaps chicken is the inflammatory culprit.

Scale won’t budge: This could be related to eating citrus!

Insomnia: Is it time to ditch the red meat at dinner?

Are these discoveries universal for everyone? Absolutely not!  Everyone’s food fit is different, supported by our unique constitutions. Foods that are intolerant for some may be highly energizing & beneficial for others.  By using the process of listening to our bodies and noticing how what we eat effects how we feel, we cultivate a practice of intuitive living which ripples out into many other areas of our lives. It’s amazing how we can radically change the way we look, feel and experience life once we start fueling our bodies with the foods that are right for us!


kim love Kim Love has a passion for helping others realize how great they can feel through the simple power of food. She is the founder & CEO of the LoveLife Program, which has helped thousands tap into their ‘Inner Expert’ to find their food fit.

She and her team feel immense gratitude for each and every person that gives them the opportunity to share what they love. You can find more about the LoveLife Program  here.

To read some of the food discoveries others have made once they have tapped into their inner nutritional wisdom, visit the LoveLife blog here. 


  1. Jeanne

    Since January 1st, I have moved to a 70% (approx.) raw food diet. For as long as I can remember, I always joked about juice fasting and I think subconsciously, I knew I needed to eat healthier. So, I bought a nutribullet and have been juicing almost twice a day. Considering how poor my diet was before this (admittedly), my body is adjusting. I do know my gut is almost gone! Yippee. Fabulously insightful post!!!

    • danaclaudat

      Oh thats awesome Jeanne! Great way to kick off the year!

  2. Theodora

    I would really appreciate a reference to any post linking neck pain to eating chicken! It would be very helpful, thank you!


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