How We Create Our Own Creative Blocks!

Jan 17, 2014 | Creativity


Creative blocks…… feeling stuck… stagnation…. boredome: it can happen in our bodies, in our creative ability, in any area of our life, and generally when it happens it happens in all three ways at once!  Stagnation is the opposite of flow and heath.  Stagnation is the opposite of feng shui!

In his now-legendary book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about his struggle against resistance. Resistance is that maddening feeling that your world will implode if you take steps to create your dreams in any place you are stuck.

As I am diving deep into the art of art, and the feng shui of life, I wanted to share a few ideas about how we can create our own blocks and keep that gap of resistance in our lives very firmly stuck in place. Once you can see how you are doing it you can stop doing it & set yourself free! 

damien hirst color wheel Creative blocks are not a curse, they are a choice.  Every day you face the resistance in yourself when you try to write, to outline a project, to exercise when you have not been doing it… The resistance of dating after a bad break-up, the fear of contacting publishers when you have a great book to share… All this stuff is a choice.

I hated to have to admit that.

Damien Hirst, the artist who created that color wheel above, is one of the market leaders in the art world. He says what art is, in a sense, and people listen. Whether it is dots on canvas, a shark in formaldehyde, or a color wheel, if he makes it it is art.  He dives off that cliff.  He believes in his vision.  You can be mad at him, say it’s garbage and complain till you are blue— near billions of dollars have been spent collecting his art.

It is a choice to dive off the cliff. It is a choice to value your thoughts and your expression.

If you are daring enough you can take the next step off the thrilling cliff of creative freedom.

You can poison your own creativity.  Drugs are obvious poison.  But, what about:  junk food, TV binges, sex addiction, you name it! There are tons of ways to poison your system spiritually, mentally and physically.

Yes, you know famous artists who party like rock stars.

They aren’t blocked.

If they get blocked, you likely won’t see them partying like rock stars.  they’ll be with personal trainers, at spas and retreats getting their energy together!

Who you hang out with affects what you will make. I love people, so much.  I also love my life without chaos and noise and unnecessary chaos.

If people drag you down, see #1. You are choosing that block!

Being scared to succeed is a real thing, and you can get over it. 

Fear of success is a real, studied, measured phenomena (you can read more HERE).

Fear of success is a very poignant form of creative resistance.

This is not something that should hold you back.

What you resist, persists.

Instead of entertaining fear of success, start adding symbols of success to your home.  Start dressing in more “succesful” ways.  Start standing taller.  Feel the energy rushes, the surges of confidence.  Get used to that feeling of being more alive.

Yes, that’s what fear of success is: it is a fear of the overwhelming feeling of rushes of goodness, endorphins & joy.  Step by step, get more used to it.

There are thousands of ideas, studies, exercises and feng shui ways to stretch your creative life…. and we are going to get so deep into all of them as I craft a camp (!!!) to catalyze your lives and transform your homes!

Get started now by staring your own resistance in the eye… and being creative anyway!!!  xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana

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    I needed this today, Dana. THANK YOU.


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