Curated Sunshine: Yellow & Grey Decor Inspiration!

Jan 18, 2014 | Home Style

yellow and grey

Curated Sunshine. That’s how I feel about yellow and grey pairings in decor, fashion, art, anything.  They are a perfect duo:  Earth & metal element support one another in nature and in your home, too!

The color grey in feng shui represents the feng shui element of metal- the master element of curation.  Metal element helps you to carefully select and refine things.

Yellow is the sunshining color of nature, warmth and the Earth.  It takes the chill out of grey and softens it in a spectacular manner.

Here are some awesome pairings of yellow and grey to explore the graceful possibilities!

yellow grey decor

I mean, how warm and luscious is this sofa! With a different coffee table (this one’s far too severe) this room can become a fast favorite!

grey yellow art

(Ute Ruth Bukowski)

Grey and yellow—- mysterious, pensive and bursting with redemption!

yellow pendant lights

Something as simple as lemon-colored pendant lights soften the grey and steel.

yellow modern chair

Yellow redeems this steely, yin (quiet) room, bringing in hope and freshness.

yellow grey

While this room is not “true grey” but rather greyed shades of blues and greens, I am including it for the fantastic idea: a radiatior and pipes can become more warm, more vibrant, more comforting even, when painted in a bright yellow!

Embrace color.  Even just a bit of color deliberately used in neutral rooms can bring more life to life!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Q

    Okay, this settles it. Time to put up that yellow Guatemalan huipil fabric on my gray living room wall!



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