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Jan 20, 2014 | Home Style

map wallpaperI have my eye on fabulous, welcoming, relaxed yet “styled” lounge sofas spaces this week, and the ideas are flowing a plenty.  I love this sofa that screams vintage though it seems refubished, made 200 times better with a map of wallpaper on the wals and a great vintage trunk as a coffee table.  It is not just the sofa, but also how the sofa works within the lounging space, that turns a room into an all-round creative resting place.  

styled livingroom sofa

This more traditional, deep seating sofa comes to life with warm woven pillows that repeat on the floor.  I find the table too imposing, sharp and tall… but the rug and pillow effect is fantastic.

styled sofa


A loft space can become more personal with a bit of wallpaper that isn’t “full-wall” but, rather, contained in the lounge area and barely more than a roll.  This is a shockingly great way to mix a sofa into a minimal area. I adore the round and rectangular pillow mixture.

lignet roset

This delicious sofa combo has total grounded lusciousness.  The glowing orb takes it to the next level. The sad thing here is the strange coffee table that shatters the flow. Imagine it gone, with a low, rounded edge Moroccan style table and a fabulous pastel kilim rug in its place.  Or a smooth acrylic table on a fuzzy throw rug with books piled beneath the acrylic…?

Dreamy spaces are borne of form, function and your own willingness to grab inspiration from all sorts of places and mix it into your home.  Start with a small thing- a painting, a lamp, etc- and see what comes next! xoxo Dana


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